Xbox’s New Studios Will Show “Things Nobody Has Seen Before” At E3


Microsoft has been acquiring studios left and right recently, but so far we haven't seen the output from any of the new developers. The company has promised that will change very soon, as Xbox head Phil Spencer says that the Microsoft E3 presentation will showcase the projects coming from the new studios–in their various stages of completion.

"Our new studios are going to have things to show, which is going to be awesome–some new things that nobody has seen before, which will be fun," Spencer said during an Inside Xbox presentation. "I think it's going to be really interesting to just have those teams showing up this year and starting to show what they’re building for us."

Spencer also hinted that Obsidian might use the Xbox stage to show more of The Outer Worlds. The sci-fi RPG isn't exclusive to Xbox, since it's being published under Private Division, but the studio could take the opportunity to showcase it regardless. Still, Spencer said it will take a while to see all of these studio acquisitions come to fruition.

"It's been nice as you’re starting to work with these studios, they come in, I think how big of a deal E3 is for a platform and I can see them getting excited about it," he said. "It'll take years to have them fully integrated in the way all the teams do, because different teams are at different parts of the development cycle."

At E3 2018, Microsoft announced a round of acquisitions, and has steadily kept announcing more since then. The company has also been teasing a big year with new technologies, and boldly proclaimed it would be "going big" at E3 while competitor Sony backed out. Elsewhere in the same Inside Xbox broadcast, it announced a digital-only Xbox One model, and a subscription bundle that combines Xbox Game Pass and Gold services.

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