Xbox Creator Reacts To Series X Announcement — “That’s Ridiculously Glorious”


One of the biggest reveals at The Game Awards was the announcement of Xbox Series X, which we now know is the name of Microsoft's next-generation console previously known as Xbox Scarlett. We also got a look at the console itself and learned a variety of details in an exclusive interview with Phil Spencer. Responses to the reveal have poured in from people across the industry, but what does the creator of Xbox think about it?

Seamus Blackley, who created the Xbox, said on Twitter that he was blown away by the announcement of Xbox Series X. "Well, f**k me. That's ridiculously glorious," Blackley said. "It's always weird for me when a new is announced. It's a combination of pride, nostalgia, geriatric-ness, and the sense of wonder and excitement that these devices produce. There are WHOLE WORLDS in that box. I love this."

Blackley hasn't always been this supportive of new Xbox products. Earlier this year, Blackley said he was so disgusted by the new Xbox deodorant and body wash that he wanted to start drinking heavily.

Xbox Series X releases in Holiday 2020 with Halo Infinite as one of its launch titles. The console's design makes it look like a PC tower, though Microsoft confirmed it can be oriented either vertically or horizontally. The console will ship with a new controller that features a Share button, which is something that the PlayStation 4 has had since 2013.

Microsoft also announced a new Xbox Series X game today in the form of Senua's Saga: Hellblade II from developer Ninja Theory.

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