When Is PS5 Coming Out? Release Date Window Confirmed For Late 2020


While it was first discussed earlier this year, Sony has now officially announced the PlayStation 5, along with new details on the PS5 hardware, controller, and UI. The biggest remaining questions concern its price and exactly when you can get your hands on one. Sony has remained unfortunately vague on both fronts, but we do now have an idea of when its release date will fall: late next year.

The announcement from SIE CEO Jim Ryan said it will be "launching in time for holiday 2020." That assures it will come out sometime before the gift-giving season, and the phrasing suggests it will be sometime close to the holidays. New PlayStation hardware has usually launched in the fall, so the PS5 will likely hit late next year.

That will give Sony plenty of time to continue outlining the new hardware. Ryan says "there's much more to share about PlayStation 5 in the year ahead," which again suggests a release in late 2020. It's unknown at this point if Sony will hold dedicated reveal events or appear at E3 2020, after deciding to forgo a presence this year.

As for how much it will cost, Sony said earlier this year that the PS5's price will be "appealing." It's been no more specific than that, nor do we know if there will be multiple price options at launch.

What we do know is that the new (unnamed) controller will feature haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, and Bluepoint Games is already at work on something "big" for the system. A new user interface will also give you more information without needing to jump directly into a game.

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