Rainbow Six Siege Burnt Horizon’s Release Date Has Arrived; Patch Notes Revealed


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Rainbow Six Siege's new DLC drop, Operation Burnt Horizon, is now available. The expansion has been rolling out for PS4, Xbox One, and PC over the course of March 6, signaling the start of a new Siege season and year.

Year 4, Season 1 brings two new Operators, Mozzie and Gridlock, as well as a new map named Outback. Gridlock is a 3 armor, 1 speed attacker who comes equipped with three Trax Stingers–throwable, expanding spike clusters that slow and damage enemies who walk on them. Think of them as attacking versions of razor wire that cause damage–and make a similar amount of noise. Gridlock is therefore seen as an anti-roaming Operator. Her weapons include the F90 assault rifle or M249 LMG, as well as the Super Shorty sawed-off shotgun.

Mozzie, meanwhile, is a 2 armor, 2 speed defender who wields three deployable Pest devices, which will automatically hack and take over any enemy drone that enters a small radius. The drone is then fully under the command of the defending team; a small blue light is the only indicator to attackers that their drone is no longer under their control. Mozzie can use an AR9 assault rifle or the R10 Ronie machine pistol, as well as the same Super Shorty as Gridlock.

Outback is the accompanying Australian-themed map to Operation Burnt Horizon. Its restaurant, hotel, and fuel station form a relatively small L-shape arena that offers ample opportunity for close quarters combat. Outback is free for all players, while Gridlock and Mozzie can be unlocked with in-game Renown or by buying the Year 4 pass–though it's worth noting those without the pass will need to wait until March 13 to buy the knew Operators.

Additionally, a bunch of Operators are being tweaked for Year 4. Dokkaebi's phone will auto-hang up after a 12 second ring, for example, while the planned changes to Capitao's crossbow bolts will no longer go ahead. Ubisoft had planned to increase the bolts' area of effect, but the developer now says it needs more time to evaluate data from the test server.

Other changes include a decrease in the amount of health you'll possess when revived–you'll now get back to your feet with 20 HP, rather than 50, while Ubisoft is also tweaking how leaning works to help combat lean spamming. The camera will come from the center of your Operator's head, rather than the side you were leaning to, as was the case before.

For more on Rainbow Six Siege, you can check out the new season's trailer above or read more about Gridlock, Mozzie, and Outback here. You can also read Operation Burnt Horizon's full patch notes on the Ubisoft blog.

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