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The Pokemon Company revealed more details about Pokemon Sword and Shield today in a Galar Research Update. The presentation showed some new Pokemon and variants, but the big reveals were your newest rivals and the new evil team you’ll be taking on.

The rivals are Bede and Marnie. Bede is a boy in a long maroon coat with curly hair. He's described as a skilled trainer who has joined the Gym Challenge. Marnie is a girl in a leather jacket with a distinctly punk aesthetic. She's also the ostensible head of Team Yell, a group of hooligans that are called "Marnie's wild fans." They're similarly punk, and an accompanying press release says they try to interfere with other competitors to help Marnie take the championship.

The presentation also showed off several new Pokemon and variants, including a Hangry new Pokemon and the Galar-region version of Weezing in a fancy top hat. It's fabulous and you can see it below.

The Pokemon Company also recently announced that it will be opening a Pokemon pop-up store in London this October, leading up to the November 15 launch of Sword and Shield. That will house Pokemon merch including some exclusives. We can only hope there's a Galar Weezing plush.

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