Pokemon Go: Shiny Buneary Now Available In Easter Eggstravaganza Event


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Niantic has kicked off a new in-game event in Pokemon Go. The annual Eggstravaganza returns for another year from April 16-23, giving players everywhere a chance to hatch more baby Pokemon, complete Egg-themed Field Research, and even catch a new Shiny.

Throughout the Eggstravaganza, you'll be able to hatch Pichu, Smoochum, Magby, and other baby Pokemon from 2 km Eggs. You'll also receive twice the normal amount of Candy for every Egg you hatch, allowing you to power up your Pokemon more quickly. On top of that, Incubators will be two times as effective during the event, and Lucky Eggs will last twice as long as normal.

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In addition to those bonuses, you'll be able to get special Field Research tasks revolving around Eggs from Poke Stops. The bunny Pokemon Buneary will also appear in the wild more frequently throughout the Eggstravaganza, and you'll have your first chance to come across its Shiny form. You can read more on the Pokemon Go website.

The Eggstravaganza isn't the only event occurring in Pokemon Go this week. The Legendary Pokemon Latios has also returned to the mobile game for a special Raid event. The Dragon/Psychic-type will appear as a Raid boss until April 22, and you'll even be able to find its Shiny form. You also still have a few more days to catch Origin Forme Giratina, which is set to leave Raid Battles on April 29.

Niantic has plenty of other events lined up for Pokemon Go this year. The developer is holding three Pokemon Go Fests in Chicago, Germany, and Asia this summer. In the meantime, the game's next Community Day event is scheduled for May 19, although no other details for it have been announced just yet.

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