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Niantic's annual Pokemon Go Fest event is about to kick off in Chicago, and to celebrate the occasion, the developer is making a special Pokemon available for a limited time. Beginning tomorrow, June 13, the adorable Water-type Horsea will spawn around the world much more frequently than it normally does, and you'll also have your first chance to encounter a Shiny Horsea.

The increased Horsea spawns will only be available throughout the Pokemon Go Fest, which is scheduled to end this Sunday, June 16. However, the spawns won't be limited to the event venue; you'll have a chance to find more Horsea even if you can't attend Go Fest in-person. Any Shiny Horsea you catch will also retain its special coloration when it evolves, making this your first opportunity to add Shiny Seadra and Kingdra to your collection as well.

That isn't all that's going on during Pokemon Go Fest. As usual, Niantic will be holding Global Challenges throughout the event. These have players around the world making progress toward the same goals, and if those goals are achieved, Niantic will unlock special bonuses in the game, from additional Candy to the appearance of Shiny Entei, Raikou, and Suicune. You can see the full list of this year's Global Challenges on the official Pokemon Go website.

In other Pokemon Go news, this is your last chance to encounter Cresselia. The Legendary Psychic Pokemon will be available in Raid Battles until June 18, when it'll be replaced by Kyogre, the cover monster from Pokemon Sapphire. Kyogre will then be replaced by Groudon from June 27 to July 10. Not only do you have another chance to catch the rarely seen Legendaries, you may also encounter their Shiny versions.

E3 2019 is also underway, and it's brought a ton of news about the series' next mainline installments, Pokemon Sword and Shield for Switch. We got our first look at the games' new Dynamax battle mechanic, as well as more details on how Max Raid Battles work. Sword and Shield launch on November 15; you can read more about the games in our Pokemon Sword and Shield pre-order guide.

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