One Punch Man Season 2 Release Date Set For Spring 2019


It's been almost three years since One Punch Man's second season was confirmed, and even longer since the conclusion of its first season. Considering how popular the anime is, fans expected a swift renewal, but there were no details following the announcement that a Season 2 was on the way. However, One Punch Man is finally returning, and we've got an official release date.

According to a report by Crunchyroll, One Punch Man Season 2 is scheduled to air in Japan on April 2. Currently, there's no confirmation of a simulcast. The news comes via a post from the official website for the TV anime adaptation. In addition to the announcement, Crunchyroll detailed information about the second season's opening, sung by Saitama voice actor Makoto Furukawa.

For the uninitiated, One Punch Man follows Saitama, a superhero who's grown dissatisfied with opponents because of his overwhelming power. Initially running as a webcomic in 2009, One Punch Man was picked up and serialized in Shonen Jump magazine in 2013 (2015 in the United States) after a few publications in Weekly Young Jump's spin-off website, Young Jump Web Comics. In March 2015, Weekly Young Jump announced the anime adaption, with the first season running from October to December of the same year.

While Saitama was lazing around after defeating everything and everyone with one punch, ONE–the pseudonym for the manga artist responsible for the webcomic's creation–has been at work on production of Mob Psycho 100, a shonen anime now its second season. With the announcement that One Punch Man's returning in April, ONE and Japanese animation studio Madhouse (Overlord, Parasyte) will be quite busy this year.

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