New Westworld Season 3 Teaser Raises A Lot Of Questions


HBO has released a new teaser video for Westworld Season 3–and it's a strange one. The video introduces viewers to a company called Incite, a firm that harnesses unprecedented computing power to solve the world's unsolvable problems.

Jefferson Mays plays Incite's founder, Liam Dempsey Sr., who quips, "We're not Silicon Valley vaporware. We have unprecedented computing capabilities analyzing data from life's most unsolvable problems."

This company claims to be able to control the climate and get people the best jobs. We're sure they're a 100 percent above board, feel-good company. Surrrre. After all, the word "incite" is defined as: "to encourage someone to do or feel something unpleasant or violent."

What could go wrong?

This new Westworld Season 3 trailer raises a lot of questions. Some that immediately come to mind: is Incite a competing company to Delos Destinations, the group that operates Westworld? Are Incite and Delos somehow connected?

A teaser website for Incite shares a few further details, though they are similarly mysterious. "The world can feel chaotic: big problems, no solutions, no one to lead the way. Global issues may seem so complex that untangling the answers feels impossible. Here at Incite, we want to make 'impossible' a thing of the past," reads a line from the fake company's description. "Chaos is merely a pattern waiting to be uncovered. You can help us chart a better future."

Westworld Season 3 premieres in the first half of 2020. Season 3 introduces a number of new characters, including one played by Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul.

For lots more on Westworld Season 3, check out GameSpot's roundup of everything we know. Westworld is based on the Michael Crichton 1973 movie of the same name.

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