New Avengers: Endgame Twitter Emojis Include Some Surprising Faces


Look, there are a lot of characters in the MCU–but apparently Twitter is pretty determined to make sure we remember absolutely all of them. The social network added not one, not two, but 40 new character specific hashtag emojis for Avengers: Endgame–and some of them were a bit of a surprise.

The list of emojis includes all the heroes you'd expect, of course. Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, and Hawkeye/Ronin (that's right, Clint gets two) are all on the list, as well as Rocket, Nebula, Captain Marvel, War Machine, Okoye, and Ant-Man. But on top of the characters we've already seen represented in the trailers, there are also emojis for every hero who has been confirmed dusted, from Dr. Strange to the Winter Soldier and every Guardian of the Galaxy, as well as some unexpected throwbacks to some fan favorites.

Thor: Ragnarok breakouts, the lovable revolutionary Korg and his knife-handed friend, Miek, both have their own emojis now. Red Skull got one under the name "Stonekeeper," as a nod to his surprise cameo in Infinity War. Marvel Studio's boss Kevin Fiege has one, for the hashtag "#MarvelStudios" and so does the Infinity Gauntlet itself, in addition to Thanos.

Absolutely nobody got left behind this time around. Now let's all go spam #Korg to get him trending. It's what he deserves.

In the meantime, we're officially a week out from Endgame's theatrical release so you might say we're in an Endgame of our very own. You've got less than ten days to start solidifying your theories (even the weird ones) so you'll have them in writing to prove to your friends you were right. If you double up on a few of them, you may even have time to re-watch every MCU movie between now and then–or, you can just watch the ones that matter.

It's worth noting that, sadly, Endgame spoilers have leaked online, which means you'll need to be careful for if you want to enjoy the movie when it hits cinemas. We've put together a few tips on how you can avoid Endgame spoilers, which should be helpful.

The Marvel subreddit has gone into lockdown while its moderators sift through posts and try and control the content of what's being posted to combat spoilers. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo have also issued a statement about the Endgame spoilers.

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