Marvel Has More Fantastic Four On The Way With A New Special Series


The Fantastic Four are a bit of a hot button issue over in the MCU these days, thanks largely to the mysterious Phase 4 and the recent Disney buyout of 20th Century Fox placing the team's film rights back in the potential MCU lineup. But the comics are, thankfully, a different story. After their triumphant return from their extended post-Secret Wars absence, the F4 have been holding down their own ongoing series and reestablishing themselves as Marvel's first family.

And there's more on the way. Announced earlier today, Marvel will be publishing a brand-new "special series" centered around the Fantastic Four created by Gerry Dugan and Greg Smallwood called Fantastic Four: Yancy Street. Set within the main continuity of the Marvel Universe and following events laid out in their current ongoing book, Yancy Street will be a chance for the team to explore their own history and relationships with one another as they settle back into their old neighborhood.

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In the spirit of last year's Web Of Venom special series, Yancy Street will be a series of quarterly specials that afford the team the time and space to deal with some of their classic villains and settings in the spirit of their originators, Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. The first issue will feature The Thing pitted against vintage villains, The Terrible Trio.

Created back in 1961, the Fantastic Four were Marvel's first official superhero team, pre-dating both the X-Men and the Avengers. A team of scientists and friends exposed to mysterious extra-dimensional radiation that gave them fantastic (get it?) powers, Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, The Human Torch, and The Thing remain some of Marvel's most beloved and well-recognized superheroes to this day. Their current ongoing series was launched in 2018.

Fantastic Four: Yancy Street #1 hits shelves on August 21.

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