Here’s What Chucky Looks Like In The Child’s Play Reboot


Although the first trailer for the upcoming reboot of the classic '80s horror Child's Play was released back in February, there was one thing missing–footage of Chucky himself. Last month it was revealed that Star Wars and Batman legend Mark Hamill will be providing the voice of Chucky, and now the first full image of the iconic killer doll has been released.

Chucky is shrouded in darkness, but it's an effective image. There isn't a huge difference between the new Chucky and the classic version familiar to fans of the long-running series; this one is perhaps a bit more sinister-looking, and is even a little reminiscent of Michael Myers' mask from the Halloween movies. But it's unmistakably Chucky and he's carrying a very large knife. Check it out below.

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Child's Play hits theaters on June 21 and stars Aubrey Plaza (Legion) and Brian Tyree Henry (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse), plus Gabriel Bateman (Light's Out) as the kid who ends up in possession of the evil doll. It's directed by Lars Klevberg, who has also helmed the upcoming horror Polaroid. Hamill's role as Chucky was revealed at the WonderCon convention, where fans also got a look at some more footage from the movie.

Confusingly for fans, there's also an unconnected Child's Play TV show being developed for SyFy, simply titled Chucky. It's produced by series creator Don Mancini, and follows on from the 2017 movie The Cult of Chucky.

The franchise kicked off in 1988 with Child's Play, which was followed by two direct sequels in 1990 and 1991. The series took a more overt comic turn with 1998's The Bride of Chucky and three subsequent films. Mancini wrote every film in the series until that point and directed the last three, but has nothing to do with the new movie.

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