Heartland Is The Biggest Expansion Ever For State Of Decay 2, Available Now


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During its E3 2019 show, Microsoft revealed Heartland, a brand new narrative expansion for State of Decay 2, available now as part of Xbox Game Pass. Heartland is billed as State of Decay 2's biggest expansion yet, adding brand new dangers to face over two different paths to take. The trailer features a woman searching for her missing father and an agent searching for a legendary operative, both converging on the same, zombie-infested town–presumably because they are searching for the same person. Check out the trailer below:

State of Decay 2 is Undead Labs' open world survival management sim, published by Microsoft exclusively for Xbox One and PC. GameSpot's Alessandro Barbosa had mixed feelings about the sequel in his State of Decay 2 review, but we're nevertheless excited to see how more expansions can help this game reach its potential.

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