Fortnite Event Season 9 “Unvaulting” Messed Up, But You Can Rewatch It


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Fortnite is known for its big in-world seasonal changeover events, but the one this weekend didn't quite go as expected. While many players got to see the event unfold just as Epic intended, some players were unable to attend and participate in a community vote for a new item.

The May 4 event had players gather for the Unvaulting, which finally opened the mysterious vault underneath Loot Lake. Players could then enter the vault and choose to "vote" on an item by striking it with a pickaxe. Once one item–a Tommy Gun–was freed, players were ejected and got to witness the smoldering volcano finally erupt and destroy Tilted Towers.

Players who were locked out of the event, however, saw none of that. They didn't get to vote on the item that was eventually freed, and they didn't get to see Tilted get wrecked. To make up for the error, Fortnite has set up an open folder with a replay file, and instructions in various languages for how to use it. Essentially it involves downloading the file, dropping it into the Replay menu, and then refreshing to view it.

As an extra freebie for your troubles, Epic is also giving away the Arcana Glider. If you've already bought the glider, you'll get refunded the 1200 V-Bucks so you can use it on something else.

All of this was to set the stage for Season 9, which will kick off on May 9. The studio teased a theme as usual, with the tagline "The Future Is Unknown." It also shows a new skin, presumably one you'll be able to earn through the next season's Battle Pass. The future would be a big departure from its current season, which is themed after pirates and treasure hunts, but there's no telling just what it means until the update goes live.

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