Captain Marvel: Review, End Credits, Easter Eggs, Goose The Cat, And More


Captain Marvel is now in theaters, providing the Marvel Cinematic Universe its first female lead superhero and setting the stage for Avengers: Endgame. Carol Danvers' debut slips comfortably into 10 years of world-building and continuity, and that leaves a lot to unpack. Here's everything on the powerful new addition to the MCU.

Captain Marvel Reviews

First and foremost, you might just be wondering if the movie itself is any good. For that we have our Captain Marvel review. Critic Michael Rougeau concluded that while the movie is enjoyable, it's hampered by its placement sandwiched between two halves of the Thanos story.

"In the MCU, timing is everything. Black Panther appearing just before Infinity War last year whetted fans' appetites for more Wakanda, making the Avengers' arrival there a cheer-worthy moment. Seeing Ant-Man and the Wasp a few months later provided a pleasant palette cleanser to wash the taste of misery from our mouths. Now, with mere weeks to go before the current phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe concludes with Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel–despite being a good movie in its own right–feels like a forced cul-de-sac we have to drive impatiently around to get where we really want to go."

For a wider view of reviews from around the industry, check out our review roundup. Then you can go watch the movie in confidence. We'll wait.

Back from the movie? Good.

The End-Credits Scenes

Of course, it wouldn't be a Marvel movie without at least one post-credits scene. Captain Marvel comes with two, so you'll want to stick around to see them both. And if you did watch each of the scenes and you're left wondering just what it all means for the future of the MCU, check out our detailed breakdown of the Captain Marvel post-credits and endings.

Easter Eggs

As you'd expect from a movie set in the '90s, Captain Marvel is packed with Easter eggs and references. These include not just those to things like Blockbuster and music of the era, but also to various things from the MCU that you might not spot on an initial viewing.

Nick Fury's History Gets Patched Up

Through the magic of Marvel's de-aging CG, Nick Fury gets a facelift for the prequel film Captain Marvel. But it also reveals quite a bit about his history–including how he gets his eyepatch–as well as that of the Earth's mightiest heroes. Read up on all the new details we learned about Nick Fury and the Avengers from Captain Marvel.

Skrulls in the MCU

Now that you've seen the film, you may be curious for a little background on its comic inspirations. The Captain Marvel of the MCU takes some significant departures from main Marvel continuity.

For example, this movie brings in one of the biggest threats in all of Marvel continuity, the Skrulls. If you're a fan of the comics or just starting to brush up on your Skrull history, though, you may be surprised at how different the Skrulls presented in the MCU actually are. Make sure you've seen the movie before exposing yourself to spoilers, mind.

Goose the Cat is a Star

Similarly, Captain Marvel's pet cat Goose is based on the comic book character Chewie, a similar feline friend. But Chewie is no ordinary cat. Read up on the history of Chewie in the comics and how's he's similar and not-so-similar to Goose.

Tracking the Tesseract

We've been seeing the Tesseract artifact slowly weave its way through Marvel continuity for years, and Captain Marvel adds a new wrinkle to it. You can read up on the entire journey of this mystical artifact and how it comes into play once again in Captain Marvel.

Stan Lee's Cameo

Captain Marvel features a particularly nice message to the late Stan Lee, who passed away last year. The movie itself includes a Stan Lee cameo, and as such we've updated our ranking of the best ones he's done so far. As Marvel's Kevin Feige has confirmed, this won't be the last time we see him in a Marvel film.

Do You Need To See Captain Marvel Before Endgame?

If you aren't someone who likes going to the movies and are wondering how essential Captain Marvel is, we've got some thoughts on if you need to see it before Avengers: Endgame. Of course, we can't be certain until that movie is released, as it's anyone's guess as to what elements of Captain Marvel it will draw on.

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