Avengers: Endgame–When Is It Safe To Go Pee?


Avengers: Endgame brings together story threads that have been building and developing over the last 21 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. That's a whole lot of stuff for the movie to wrap up–some 11 years' worth–and it's going to take a while (you can read our spoiler-free review to get a sense of the movie's success). Endgame clocks in at three hours long, and while it's a pretty brisk movie in terms of pacing, plenty of us will still need a bathroom break in the middle.

The trouble is finding the right time to abscond to the restroom. A lot happens in Endgame, with a great deal of setup taking place as the remaining Avengers prepare for a rematch with Thanos. Luckily, we've seen the movie and have identified a few moments where you'll suffer the least story damage if you have to get up.

Now, be warned: We don't actually recommend you head to the bathroom if you can avoid it. Endgame is super dense and there's a lot of important stuff all over the place, and you're going to miss some of it. But if you have to make a sacrifice, these are the times to do it. No spoilers!

Pee Break No. 1

Your first potential wee comes during about act 2, after the team returns to the Avengers compound. Again, we're trying to stay as vague as possible here, but when you hear the phrase "Test no. 1" with the characters preparing to do a bunch of science stuff, you're pretty safe. You'll miss a couple of fun jokes, but nothing in this moment is essential to what happens afterward.

Pee Break No. 2

Sometime later in the second act, you'll get another shot if you act quickly. This one comes when the Avengers start leaving for their "missions" that have been teased in the trailers. Watch for Nebula and co. reaching their destination in space; you'll be able to slip away during some jokey discussions that don't advance the plot beyond what you already know is happening. The same is true of Thor's arrival at his destination in the same stretch.

Pee Break No. 3

If you're really desperate, you can run for the bathroom during the final act, but this is when all the big action is starting to really pop off, as one might expect. Amidst the superhero antics, you'll get a chance when things calm down for a moment. When you see a portal open followed by a…let's say recognizable line from Captain America, you'll be able to slip away during the ensuing action scene–but only if you really, really have to go. It's a desperate time for a desperate measure.

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