Atari VCS Retro Console Pre-Orders Are Live


Atari has partnered with GameStop and Walmart to open up general pre-orders for its upcoming Atari VCS console, which will ship in March 2020 after the initial round of pre-orders arrive later this year. Each retailer offers both the 400 and 800 versions of the console (with 4GB and 8GB of upgradeable ram, respectively), classic joysticks, and modern controllers, as well as a bundle of the 800 with one of each controller. You can also purchase the bundles directly from Atari itself.

VCS stands for Video Computer System, a nod to Atari's 1977 console bearing the same name. Revealed in 2017, it's styled to look like those original Atari consoles, and will come pre-loaded with a selection of classic games, but will also support downloading and streaming modern titles through a Linux-based operating system. We do not yet have a list of what that content might include, however. Under the hood we know it will run an AMD Ryzen processor with Radeon graphics technology that supports 4K HDR streaming.

Atari ran a successful pre-order campaign through Indiegogo, which has now wrapped up as official retail pre-orders become available. If you're a die-hard Atari fan who missed out on that first round of pre-orders, we're here to help you sort through all of the options so you can get the best deal on the Atari VCS for you.

Where to pre-order the Atari VCS

Everything listed below will ship in March 2020. The All In bundles include an Atari VCS 800 console as well as both the classic joystick and modern controller.




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